CASIMIR - The Goddess of Gate / 門神

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Fine Art Prints

★The Goddess of Gate / 門神★

Size : 36.8(W) x 72.6(H) cm
Art Work Size : 33.2(W) x 66.8(H) cm
Limited number, signature and Anti-counterfeiting stamp
Limited Edition of 300

★Each piece is hand-signed by the author, with a limited edition number and security seal.

★The printing substrate is made of high quality heavy cardboard, and some of the patterns are printed by cold foil stamping technology, presenting gorgeous colors and a perfect combination of saturation and color.

★Schematic diagrams are shown above, the actual light and shadow effects can not be presented by the photo, the final work received shall prevail.

Thank you for your understanding!

★每張皆有 作者親簽 加上限量編號與防偽鋼印。





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